Open Constitution is ​changing the way humans ​collaborate.

Open source intelligence network for an advanced humankind!

Open Constitution

HumaN Machine Intelligence ​CYBER SPACE

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Ar​ticles of Association

Read Community Governance ​protocols for Natural persons, ​and the Global Statutes.

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E ​Residency

Own voluntary contributions(IP) ​ with data residency governance ​on the open source network.

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Ac​cess to resources

Association access to financial ​wellness, healthcare, digital ​resources with Trust keys, and ​Social Credits in your Vault.

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What is Open ​Constitution?

Open Constitution network is a human-​machine intelligence network, and describes an ​open source cyber space.

Open Constitution network is the part of ​Internet, where humans collaborate on planet ​Earth’s resources.

Network shares intelligence with the Planet’s ​population via open access to digital public ​services.

All public services are self governed by a ​combination of human and machine protocols.

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Build a sustainable future with Open ​Constitution

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