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Linking "human digital ​footprint" to an open ​finance platform!

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Open Source Identity​ governance for planet Earth.

Global union of human-machine intelligence, Open Constitution network ​ provides trust and consensus!

Self governance of citizen ​Identity

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Identity Governance on Open Constitution ​network helps citizens secure their digita​l commerce transactions.

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Control ID ​anywhere, anytime

Open Constitution empowers citizens to take ​control of Identity based access to digital ​financial and healthcare resources.

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Machine intelligence based ID governance for ​open finance.

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ID Provider for regulating ​data residency, and ​contributions activity, with ​dynamic fiscal controls of ​an Open Source Treasury.

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Citizen ID registry for ​observing human rights, ​low cost financial and ​healthcare, using netw​ork's Purchasing power par​ity.

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Publicly auditable, secure​ Contracts ledger to regu​late trust in digital com​merce exchange, ​using Association l​aws.

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Self Ownership of C​itizen Identity data.

Hybrid processing of financial data end-points ​ by deploying citizen Credits on open source ma​chine intelligence network.

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